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Hunting Fire Arms SAP 520 Permits

Instructions for filling in SAP 520 Form

1. Black ink must be used to fill in the form.
2. The form must be left unsigned until the document is finalized in front of the police official issuing the actual permit.
3. Please note that not all sections of the form apply. Visitors bringing their own firearms in for hunting purposes should    concentrate on filling       in the following:

  •  Section D — (temporary import or export permit)

  •  Section E – 1 – 25.4

  •  Section G

  •  Section I – (must fill in all details requested)

  •  Section J – (remember do not sign until in front of police officer at firearm office)

Additional requirements along with the SAP 520 are the following:

 1.Identity and Flight Details

-Return Airline Ticket


2. Other supporting documentation

-Proof of ownership
-Firearms licenses, documentary proof ect. For USA citizens, Customs Declaration Form 4457.
-Proof of export
-Documentary proof of export from the country of origin.
-Motivation letter from client
 This is a letter from the client stating that he is temporarily importing the referred to firearm/s for the purpose of hunting include that   the firearm/s are required as he will be hunting (list the species to be hunted), ect.
-Invitation letter from the Hunting outfitter

 This is supporting documentation from the Hunting outfitter/Company with whom the client will be hunting, to include full name of   company, full contact details, address and location where the client will be hunting as well as a confirmation that the applicant will be   using the specific firearms as applied.

 Firearms will be physically inspected to ensure the serial number/s match those of the licenses (proof of ownership) and those on the   application form. Ammunition will also be inspected.

Firearm / Ammunition allowances and specifications:

1. No more than one firearm per caliber and 200 rounds per firearm will be permitted.
An exception to this may apply for shotguns where more than one of the same caliber may be allowed for bird hunting purposes.
2. Firearms must bear the manufacturer’s serial number or any other mark by which the firearm can be identified.
3. Handguns will be allowed into the country, but only for hunting purposes.
4. Prohibited firearms which may not be imported into South Africa include:
-Any fully automatic weapon
-Any semi-automatic weapon
-Handgun/s for self-defense
-Weapons which fall under military categories
General Provisions:

Temporary Import Permits:

-May only be issued to a foreign visitor for the purpose of hunting.
-Subject to the use of the firearm only for the purpose set out in the permit.
-Subject to the fact that no person who holds a temporary import permit is allowed to transfer the firearm to another South Africa without prior written permission having been obtained from the Central Firearm Register.
-A Temporary Import Permit shall not be issued for a period exceeding six months at a time.
-Applicant must be 21yrs or older.
-Should a firearm not be declared on arrival and a temporary import permit not issued, you will face severe penalties and possible arrest on departure from South Africa.Applications for temporary import permits can be made advance to the Central Firearm Register.
-There are no permit required, nor any charge by the South African Police Services for a Bow. Handling fees are charged by and / or security companies for bows and handguns.-Please note that NO firearms will be held for safekeeping by the SAPS. If a client brings in a prohibited firearm, or more ammunition than what is allowed, or lacks the necessary documentation and his request for a temporary import permit is declined the involved firearms must be exported immediately by the clients or voluntarily surrended to the State.

Please feel free to download the firearm application, with your info  and fax/email it to us.

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