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There are two methods of handling your trophies:

Taxidermy Method 1 (Dip and Ship)

Whereby you have your trophies shipped raw from South Africa and mounted in your country of origin.


Taxidermy Method 2 (Mount and Ship)

Whereby, you have your trophies mounted in South Africa and then shipped to your country of origin.


In order to clarify the different taxidermy methods, we have set out the processes here under:

  • Method 1 Stage 1.1   Delivery of trophies to the taxidermist In this stage all your trophies and parts thereof are checked for name tags, booked in and an inventory is taken of each client’s trophies. 

  • Stage 1.2   Drying and TreatmentTime frame: 2 WeeksThe skins get put out to dry and are treated with insecticides.  They are thoroughly inspected during this stage

  • Stage 1.3   Rotting and Boiling Time frame:  3 Weeks Rotting:  The skulls get submerged in water to aid in the rotting process.Boiling:  The skulls are heated in water to free the horns and release all the excess flesh & fat from the skulls.  After this, the skulls are pressure cleaned to remove any dirt, flesh or fat that might still be present.  The horns that have separated from the skulls are tagged. 

  • Stage 1.4   Bleaching and Neutralizing Time frame:  1 Week The skulls are submerged in a bleach and water formula, thereafter they are neutralized by soaking them again in clean water. 

  • Stage 1.5    Drying process Time frame:  5 Weeks Skulls and horns are treated with insecticides and left in the sun to dry.

  • Stage 1.6 Quality control Time frame:  1 Week All skulls, horns and skins are manually checked to ensure the utmost quality.

  • Stage 1.7   Finishing process Time frame:  1 Week Skulls, horns and skins are finished off before they move over to the wrapping and crating department.

  • Stage 1.8   Wrapping and Crating Time frame:  3 Weeks All skulls, horns and skins are wrapped with bubble wrap and 200 micron clear plastic and a crate is specifically built for each shipment, ensuring that you don’t pay extra shipping costs.

Your trophies should be ready for shipping in 6 - 8 months.

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